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Our Senior Relocation Services

Whether you are moving to a care facility or you have a loved one who needs our help, we are here every step of the way. We are so much more than a senior moving services company. We offer a complete range of trusted and personalized senior relocation services in BC and Alberta, because we understand that each person and situation is unique.

Senior Downsizing Services

Is it time to downsize? There comes a point when many of us have to move to a smaller home, but it doesn’t have to be sad or stressful.
We make the process easy and enjoyable by getting to know you, your lifestyle and the possessions and furnishings that mean the most. We never outsource or subcontract moves, so we’ll be there to pack, unpack and set up everything exactly the way you want it.
Our senior downsizing services include carefully measuring your furniture and creating a personalized floor plan to ensure your favourite pieces will fit perfectly in your new home.
In addition, we provide emotional support and guidance so you have all you need to start loving your new life right away!

Senior Decluttering Services

We accumulate a lot of possessions over the years! Whether you’re moving and overwhelmed by belongings or are staying in your home but need to declutter, we’re here to help.
By having an experienced, caring Genie professional work with you on a one-to-one basis, we’ll help you decide what to keep, what to sell or give away and what to dispose of.
By “dispose of” we mean repurposing your belongings in an environmentally-friendly manner through our network of charities, consignment, estate, antique specialists and transfer/sorting stations.
We’ll treat you and your belongings with respect. Take advantage of our senior decluttering services and see how easy it can be!

Senior Moving Services

On the move? Genie Senior Services is right there beside you. First, we’ll create a personalized floor plan to help you decide on the best furniture to bring to your new home, and then we’ll carefully pack your treasures and possessions.
We never outsource or subcontract moves. On moving day, we provide all the reusable totes and packing materials you need and utilize our own moving staff. We’ll take care of reserving elevators if required, and of course, safely transport everything.
Once we arrive, Genie staff members will unpack, remove boxes and set up the belongings to make your new space feel like home—even making your bed and hanging your pictures! We won’t leave until you’re all settled.

Senior Clearout Services

There are a number of reasons why you might need a home clearout; for example, after you’ve sold the house or when a loved one has passed away.
Our efficient and empathetic team can take care of the entire process of clearing out your home. We’re fast and environmentally-friendly!
We sort through all your possessions and can help arrange for items to be shipped to family, sold or donated. We then remove and recycle any remaining items, and do a final cleaning so everything sparkles.
Whether you’re a homeowner, real estate agent or executor, Genie Senior Services is your one-stop senior downsizing and relocation solution.

Health and safety are our highest priorities, paramount non-negotiable. Safety first!

There are a number of reasons why you might need a home clearout; for example, after you’ve sold the house or when a loved one has passed away.
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