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Frequently Asked Questions

My mom and dad are very scared and anxious at the thought of moving. What can you do to help us work to calm them down?
We are fellow children helping moms and dads. We are families helping families. We have moms and daughters working with parents to help them through this challenging time to get sorted and settled. We may even cry together about some of the great memories we come across. We will make every effort to support your family during this amazing relocation and journey to their next home.
We’re having trouble deciding what to take and what to pack. Do you help with this?
Don’t worry, as part of your relocation we will help you go through your items, pack and box up everything you need. We will help you decide what you will need when you move in, unpack those items and have you ready for bed.
We will not be available to move my parents. What can you do to help with communication?
Our site manager will work with you and your parents to stay up to date and informed. While onsite we will help set up a live Facetime connection to have you available to connect with our team during the settling in process.
How many transitions have you done?
We are proud to say our team has done over 1000 transitions and we are excited to be Franchising in other cities!
Are you bonded?
Yes we are, and we carry full insurance on our vehicles and our wonderful staff.
How much does this cost?
We do not have a set hourly rate. Each job is based on how much you want us to do. Because we do not rely on outside sources like moving companies we can charge a lower price for the whole job. Because we have relationships with multiple Retirement homes we make sure our pricing is the best in the business. We guarantee the price we quote you on Consult day is what you will pay….NO SURPRISES!
What do I have to do on the day of the move?
Absolutely nothing! You can go out for lunch and come back when the job is done or we can get you your comfy seat and you can watch us transform your new place to your new home!
How many days does it take you?
We typically need 2 days. The first day will consist of the downsizing and packing day. The next day the team will arrive and take everything that is packed and dedicated to go. We will have you moved un-packed and set-up within a few short hours.
How fast can you move us in?
We can usually do the whole job within a week to 10 days from our consultation. Because we do not have to rely on other companies we can schedule a date right during the consultation.
So where do we start?
Just book a consult on our 1-888-792-8825 number and one of our awesome Genie reps will come see you no charge usually within a couple days.
Are you a moving company?
No we are more than just a moving company. We are a complete transition service company that can provide you with multiple services as your needs require.
So what is it you do exactly?
We offer a complete transition service from packing to moving to un-packing and setting up of your new home. We can even donate the remaining items and clean it for you as well.

Let’s chat about how we can make your move a positive, stress-free experience. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.