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Since 2014, our compassionate, professional and trustworthy team has helped over 2500 families downsize and transition to their new homes.
Moving or downsizing can feel overwhelming because we’ve been there. Norm Hayes, Founder of Genie Senior Services helped his mom move into assisted living after his dad passed away. He saw firsthand how difficult it is for someone to transition many years of belongings and memories into a new space, not to mention how it feels for the person who has to leave their home. This experience is what motivated him to start Genie Senior Services.
Most companies subcontract or outsource moving services because they don’t have the resources or expertise we do. That means employees you know nothing about are handling your most important possessions, and you’re being served on their schedule.
At Genie Senior Services, our team manages every detail of the move with the highest level of respect and personal service. We’re your one point of contact, from when we meet for your free consultation until the time you or your loved one is set up comfortably in their new home with everything carefully unpacked.

Health and safety are our highest priorities, paramount non-negotiable. Safety first!

As B.C. continues to repair through the pandemic wave, Genie Senior Services remains fully functional by following our own strict safety PPE and Protocol practices set out by the BCCDC.
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